Eyebrow Extension: The New Talk of the Town


Most of the celebrities worldwide are up now for a new beauty mantra-applying an eyebrow extension.

Unlike microblading, applying an extra eyebrow doesn’t hurt your skin. This procedure also uses organic materials such as mink fibers to keep the artificial eyebrow looks natural. Take note as well that the latest technology for applying an extended brow uses a fine material that is thinner compared to your lashes. The implication of this is that your eyebrow will still stand out even if you have a not-so-appealing eyelash.

You will get the best eye contour that will match your fashion style since eyebrow extension strand comes with different colors. If you think color blue is cool, then you can anytime place a blue eyebrow extension at your comfort.

In the U.S. alone, applying an artificial eyebrow gets an overwhelming nod from the public. Some people who got their eyebrow fixed said that this latest beauty regiment provides a lot of comfort and health benefits.

One of the highlighted points was that you don’t need to get hurt just to keep your eyebrow in good shape. Unlike tattoo and microblade, you just need to fix the extension to your eyebrow until you reach the perfect shape.

Eyebrow extension is also safer compared to eyebrow tattooing or microblading since no needle or sharp objects that will get into your skin. Remember that one of the reasons why blood-induced infections and diseases spread is due to unsterilized needles.

The entire eyebrow extension procedure usually lasts up to two hours including the selection of the perfect strand and setting the eyebrow to get the right angle using a tweezer.

Indeed, if you want to look good without compromising your health, applying an extended brow is a sure hit!