Three Hair Updos to Try for a Job Interview


Before you talk with the hiring manager for an all-important interview, make sure that you are prepared in all facets. You need to organize your documents, frame your introduction statement, and build that overwhelming confidence (without becoming boastful). But remember that a good first impression will always give you that extra advantage. 

If you want to instantly catch the attention of your interviewer upon entering the room, try any of the following hair updos.

1.Ponytail and Glossy Lips. Who would have thought that a simple ponytail can catch the attention of the hiring personnel? Yes, this simple look is a gem for companies. Once they (HR personnel) see you enter the room oozing with confidence with your hair tied neatly, that is a huge plus. To add your chances of getting hired, you must also invest in keeping your lips glossy (just do it sparingly). 

Regarding the makeup, being minimalistic will bring a positive impact. Just put some lightweight foundation on your face and maintain that low-profile aura.

2.Chignon. Another option that you can do to catch the attention of the interviewer is to stick to the Chignon style. This hairstyle creates a natural and humble appeal that most hiring managers like. 

The chignon hairstyle is best paired with a ‘cat eye’ makeup. You can do this by simply adding a light liquid liner on top of your eyelid.

3.Silky Hair. Your chance of getting hired will also increase if you maintain a fresh and shiny hair. It doesn’t matter if you have a straight or curly hair as long as you exert effort to make your hair shine until the latter part of the day. Remember that some interviews are scheduled in the afternoon or early evening.

Select any of these three looks and expect that you will outshine other applicants. Always remember that aside from actual work aptitude, the first thing that you must build up is a pleasing persona.