The Right Jewelry for Every Outfit


Dressing up feels incomplete without jewelry. Women love jewelry, and almost everyone owns a piece.

 During the ancient times, women put on seashells, colorful stones, eggshells, and even feathers to make them more attractive. Now, women can choose from diamond, gold, silver, crystals, and artificial jewelry to upgrade their looks. The use of jewelry is also a means to show social status.

Women believe that any jewelry can go well with any dress for any occasion, but this is not true. Wrong jewelry may make your look inappropriate. Hence, knowing the correct jewelry to wear for every occasion is essential. Take, for example, a diamond necklace or seashells. You cannot wear a diamond necklace to just any event in the same way that you cannot use your seashells when attending a wedding.

The secret is to be able to distinguish when and where you can/can’t use jewelry. 

To help you, here is a list of jewelry which you can use for different outfits:


You wear this when attending galas, operas, weddings, and fundraising events. It is the time you can show off your expensive jewelry to add elegance and loveliness to your look. Only use two pieces because the people might notice the jewelry more than you.

To achieve a formal look, wear a deep-necked or V-neck gowns matched with a single long pendant or a lariat necklace. Matching earrings with pendants or long earrings will complete your formal attire. Wearing a wedding or engagement ring to the occasion will catch everyone’s attention so flaunt them confidently. You can also wear your favorite gown and lacy dress then put on your gold bracelets or big diamond bracelets to match it.


Included here are those you wear in the office, interviews and professional meetings. Wear decent jewelry that is not too showy and will not distract your office mates because big, noisy, and shiny jewelry may be out of place.

You can wear thin, small metal pieces, or small stones. During office hours, you may use stud or small earrings paired with rose or white gold metal rings. You may add small and sleek metal bracelets while necklaces worn should be with a small pendant.


If you are going shopping, going out with friends or just going to school, fine metal jewelry is the best choice. It will make you look simple but elegant at the same time.

Whether you are in your V neck or high neck t-shirt, thin or white gold bracelets are good and can be paired with a watch or a small ring. Wearing small diamond or gemstones earrings will complete your outfit.


When you go to parties, you can wear any clothes and any piece of jewelry as long as you do not overdo it.

You can wear any kind of bracelet, necklaces with big or small gemstone and thick gold chains and even big rings that have huge stones or funky rings. Colorful gemstone earrings and loop earrings will make a good statement, too. 


You can still wear jewelry even on vacations. For a beach day, you can use thin gold chains, colorful jewelry, or seashells. For a hiking trip, delicate metal necklaces and small earrings with a secure lock will still do.

Jewelries are an important part of dressing up as it helps women attain their desired look. Hence, picking out the right jewels for every event is as important because it can make or break your outfit.