Shower Bucket List to Have a Healthy Life


The water that you use for shower entirely depends on your preference. You can use cold or hot, or the alternate of the two. However, you must always remember that taking a shower has some medical implications as well.  Read on to know more.

Hot Shower


  1. Heart Friendly. If you feel that you are annoyed and your heart beats so fast, calm yourself with a hot water shower. Based on research, hot water induces in-depth relaxation to your neuroreceptors and brings back your heart to its normal beat.
  2. Dermal Protection. Hot water opens the pores of the skin; therefore, it helps a lot in keeping your skin moisturized. Aside from keeping your skin soft and healthy, hot water also helps in washing out the dirt that’s been stuck in the pores.


  1. Cardiovascular Issue. Some studies proposed that hot water bath worsens cardiovascular diseases. So, if you have hypertension, arrhythmia, or any heart problem, better stop hot water shower as soon as possible.
  2. Complicates Psychological Distress. Some doctors said that hot water bath aggravates depression and other mental illnesses.

Cold Shower


  1. Good Circulation. A simple cold water shower helps a lot in blood circulation. The cold water keeps the blood flow discreet and calm, unlike the hot water that induces tension to the blood vessels.
  2. Heart Partner. Since there’s good blood flow, your heart will become healthier as you take a cold bath every day. 


  1. Menstruation Risk. The only adverse effect of a cold shower is that it is not recommended for ladies with menstruation. You have to remember that during menstruation, a lot of hormonal imbalance occurs. Once you take a cold shower, it might affect the normal processes of your body during the entire menstruation period.

Indeed, you must be careful about taking a bath. Always remember that if you take a bath the wrong way, you are putting your life at stake.